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An Environment of Mentorship


For the joy of seeing our clients and client families achieve more than they believed they could…

…We, as a team, bring our best and deliver our best consistently, day after day.

By providing supportive, frequent supervision on all cases in a mentorship style,

Together we ensure care and quality in service delivery.

a Culture of Opportunity

We value all people as human and equal, rich with the potential to grow.

As a BrightWorker in our culture, you have the opportunity to create growth in everything you do.

With an exemplary staff who are dedicated to serving each unique and bright child with wholesome, compassionate care, we mean as much to our little ones as they do to us.

As a “social enterprise”, we have the opportunity to grow together with those we serve…

…And to extend that wholesome care right back to you.

From Our Founder

"The journey with ABA therapy is a marathon, not a sprint.  Of the utmost importance is the positive flow of the overall experience.  While life as well as therapy will have its ups downs, we seek to lighten the load and brighten the work!"

- Nicole Hill

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